Many Thanks Janey Reilly from Heather

Dear Janey,
Thank you so much for all of your help with our son Luca. I can’t believe how fast he has developed into an independent sleeper under your guidance.
Before we started working with you, I was in a very bad sleep cycle. Luca would be fed, rocked to sleep in my arms and then ‘transferred’ in to his crib. He would wake up of course and I would pick him up and start all over again. The nights consisted of Luca waking up twice in the night for comfort feedings and sometimes it meant he came into our bed because of my sheer fatigue. No one in our house was really sleeping.
During the personalized process, our son started sleeping through the night. We put him into his crib awake! (No more rocking in my arms.) He learnt this skill very quickly and now is consistently going down for a morning nap and settles very soon after I put him into his crib. I can’t believe the difference. We are just thrilled!
Sleep is such a huge issue for concerned parents. There are so many programs and books out there but it was because we had access to you that we were successful. You provided us not only a thorough plan for successful sleeping but also the support to follow through. I appreciate how quickly you were able to give professional sleep advise to us when we needed you. Your little tips to us were so catered to our specific situation; we couldn’t of found that with anyone else.
Janey, you are a fantastic sleep coach. The constant encouragement you helped us stay focused on our end goal. We now have an independent sleeper!
Many thanks,