Thanks Erin Junker from Baby Liv

Erin, Baby Liv has become such a great little sleeper! I have even grown used to her sleeping through the night, so I’ve stopped waking up and wondering why she hasn’t woken up yet. Sometimes I don’t even realize right away when she has woken up because she doesn’t wake up crying anymore – she wakes up happy

Thanks for all the extra effort you put into developing a plan that would work f…or our particular situation with hubby being away – we’ve now got a routine that’s easy for us to stick to. I think the girls have even bonded over it. They enjoy their tub time together every night and my toddler sings “Twinkle Twinkle” to Liv every night before we put her in the crib. It’s the sweetest thing!

But the changes in our home did not stop at sleep. I used to be such a zombie all day. I was so easily frustrated trying to deal with a baby that was cranky from being over-tired and a toddler who is… well a toddler! And most of this would be taken out on my husband. But now that I’m getting a full night’s sleep, I am able to be the mommy I want to be. I can be patient with my 2-year-old (and my hubby) and I think I’m ready to tackle potty training. Plus, with Liv’s naps being longer, I have the time and energy to get a few more things done around the house. I even started getting some workouts in! And, now that Liv is not snacking all night, she eats so much better in the day and is really starting to enjoy the solid food that she really didn’t have much interest in before.