Special Thanks to Michelle Serpa

I would hire Michelle again in a heart beat. In fact, upon completion of her program, my one remaining question for her was, “How soon is too soon to call you if we have a second kid?!”

We struggled with teaching our little guy how to fall asleep on his own and ended up rocking and bouncing him to sleep not only every night, but also for every nap (which were all inconsistent timing wise and short!). Once he fell asleep for naps (sometimes an hour or so after starting the bouncing!!), I found I had to have him sleep ON me to sleep any length of time… needless to say, I was getting NOTHING done and was 100% on baby duty 24/7. My husband was away for a week and I did all the rocking/bouncing alone when I decided it was time for a change. I found Michelle through a friend of a friend and we started working with her a few days later. LIFE. CHANGED. I was surprised at how soon. I was surprised at how straight forward it was. The best part about the experience for me (other than getting more than 2-3 hours of sleep at once and getting my life back! I mean, my baby’s my life… but you know what I mean!) was how “THERE” Michelle was for us. Her replies were almost instant and I felt so supported as I navigated these waters I knew nothing about. She got us on a schedule and Cole went from waking every 2-3 hours each night to sleeping from 7pm-6am. EPIC. I had (and still have) a plan with him each day and now things aren’t overwhelming… and, guess what… we are BOTH having a heck of a lot more fun with each other!!!!