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WeeSleep was founded by me, Janey Reilly. I am an expert Infant & Toddler Sleep Consultant who consults families around the globe!

WeeSleep launched after I realized how important infant & toddler sleep is, and after struggling with my son’s sleep issues and seeing and hearing about so many families having difficulties. I knew providing babies and families with healthy sleep was where I would find the most rewards in my professional life. I am passionate about healthy living, nutrition & fitness and of course BABY & TODDLER SLEEP! Myself and my team are dedicated to helping parents solve their babies sleep challenges in a positive and personal way so babies can rest and thrive and parents can rejoice!

Prior to my becoming a mom and starting this contagious “baby sleep revolution” if you will, you could find me developing relationship marketing campaigns with Disney by day and studying everything baby at night!

If you want to work directly with Janey Reilly, the Founder, an additional fee of $125 will be added to your package price (for all consultations over $425)

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Depending on your preference and where you are located in this great big amazing world, below are WeeSleep’s custom consultation options. Any one of the plans below will get your baby’s sleep perfected by following a clear and easy-to-follow custom plan that will teach them the skills necessary to happily sleep through the night (and take long, restful naps during the day) in 10 days or less!

  • Investing in WeeSleep is really a small price to pay for your baby’s health and your sanity!
  • Stop trying to make sense of the baby sleep books and creating work for yourself. Leave everything up to us. 
  • Allow us to guide you and your family to a night of peaceful rest. Sleep is less than 10 days away! GUARANTEED!
  • Completely custom, loving and guided!

Pst…due to Janeys availability and demand, you will notice her rates for most packages are increased by $125 ($2,000 premium for Lifestyle Elite)   **AVERAGE CONSULTATION WAIT TIME is 6-8 WEEKS. BOOK EARLY!


This package is the ideal choice for parents who feel they will be able to implement a sleep plan for a child under 2.5 years old without in-person guidance. It includes preliminary detailed questionnaire and daily tracking for analysis, coaching and...

Toddler TimeVIRTUAL

This package will have your little one sleeping the night and for naps, in their own beds, staying in their beds and on the best schedule for their developing (and busy!) bodies. Your consultant will get to know your family via Skype, FaceTime or Phone...

Lead Me1/2 NIGHT

Our half night consultant package is often the choice of Our half night consultant package is often the choice of guidance when implementing their sleep plan. We will be there to coach and guide you and your little one. It includes a preliminary...


Our full night consultant package is often the choice of parents who are very overtired and would like in-person guidance when implementing their sleep plan. We will be there for a full night to coach and guide you and your child. We offer follow-up support...

Double Help TwinsVIRTUAL

This package includes everything you need to get your twins sleeping properly and all done via the convenience of Skype/FaceTime or Phone because we know you are busy! Each child receives a full assessment, personalized sleep plans, and...

Lifestyle Elite with Janey Reilly

This 5 day package is the choice of parents who simply need someone to take care of their baby’s sleep issues and who prefer around the clock support and coaching. If you are busy and find that being tired is not an option, then this may...

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